Elipson BS50 Chambord speakers get a hi-end reissue



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Once upon a time a company called Elipson produced a pair of highly sought after speakers called the BS50 Chambord speakers. Well, time continued it’s sad little dance as it always does and said speakers were discontinued. Flash forward several years and the company has brought them back, just in time for the holiday season.

These are dome speakers and domes are 50 cm in width, and are open to reflectors of sound emancipating from the audio device below. The set allows for rearrangement of the top pieces so you can control how you like music to sound. They weigh about 30 kiles each and it must be noted they look and sound absolutely fantastic. We are talking the highest of the hi-def here.

Delivery of these speakers commences in October, straight from the factory to your home. Each set will cost just $5875. Not bad, right?

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