Olive Media introduces audiophile friendly O6HD music server



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Olive Media are known for the kinds of hi-tech creations that please even the most discernible audiophiles. The company may have topped itself this time, however. The company has introduced the handcrafted Olive O6HD music server for home stereo systems. It has taken five years of research and design, but it is finally here.

The Olive O6HD music server offers an amazing experience that is more than 250 times the resolution of CDs. The top-mounted glass touchscreen is 10.1″ wide and offers 800 x 400 pixel resolution for easy navigation of the music library. The music library has capacity for up to 6,000 CDs in original quality or up to 20,000 high-definition tracks on the O6HD’s internal 2TB hard disk drive.
Available in black or silver, the new O6HD music server comes complete with remote control and Wi-Fi antenna. The O6HD music server is available in limited quantities directly from Olive for $4,999.
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