Israeli designed concrete speakers for serious audiophiles only



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True audiophiles are always looking for the latest, greatest thing, the new invention that will finally make music sound “real.” Well, look no further than concrete. Wait, concrete?!

Yes, concrete. Israeli designer Shmuel Linski has fashioned this pair of concrete speakers, which take audiophile-dom to a whole new level. Concrete has never been known for it’s aural properties, but the designer has fixed this problem by making sure the driver and port are linked together. The whole thing is not lined with any sound absorbent material, being as how the concrete is enough. The end of result? A surprisingly fine sounding pair of speakers that is sure to be a hot topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

The price hasn’t been announced yet. Rest assured, though, if they are half as expensive as they are heavy then your bank account is in for a treat. They weigh 56kg a pair.

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