Wurlitzer provides modern-day makeover for Lyra digital jukebox



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Wurlitzer digital jukebox gets yet another makeover to appeal to those young ragamuffins. The Lyra features Adam Art audio for high fidelity in a compact and appealing design. Here are the key specs: 200watt rms amplifier, external studio quality speakers, discrete subwoofer in cabinet and an integrated active 10” subwoofer. The Lyra features Ethernet LAN, WLAN, two USB interfaces, a memory card reader and a CD/DVD burner to enable you to access millions of songs on the internet, stream some live music online, make your playlists all from a convenient 15” touchscreen interface. 320 GB of memory gives you space for over 60,000 MP3s. The Lyra is priced at $3,393.
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