CalSpas introduces the Cal Flame G5000, fireplace and cocktail table all-in-one

Cal Flame G5000 fireplace cocktail table

Cal Flame G5000 fireplace cocktail table

CalSpas is at it again! We recently reported on the company’s fireplace with iPod integration but little did we know that was only the first step to backyard world domination. They have now unleashed the Cal Flame G5000. This enviable item doubles as both a fireplace/outdoor firepit and a cocktail table. Now you can roast marshmallows and serve marshmallows all in one handy location. The G5000 features an industrial grade, round glass tabletop that’s large enough to fit full-sized dinner plates. It also features a 360-degree stylish footrest and lighting that bathes the firepit in light. The unit is priced at $6,900 with optional bar stools for a small gathering in your backyard. Who is bringing the kobe?

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