End marital disputes with this dining room table that converts into a poker table

Lee J Rowland poker dining room table 1

Lee J Rowland poker dining room table 1

Tired of the endless arguments with your spouse over whether or not you can use her precious dining room table for the occasional poker tourney? Well, then take a gander at this bad boy by acclaimed luxury designer Lee J. Rowland.

This table has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from Rowland. It took months of research to create the enamel of the highest standard and of course, the precision craftsmanship that is signature to all of Rowland’s creations. Patented motor technology provided by Maxon, (the world leaders in precision drivers and gearing technology), has been used in the table drive system resulting in an ultra slim frame that rotates the table. So, let the battle for the living room end! The victor? Everybody!

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