Exousia luxury water filtered through gold and costs 24k

Exousia 24k gold luxury water

Exousia 24k gold luxury water

They say when you are sick you can do no better than force down a few glasses of water. So, then, it holds that if you are super-duper sick, you should force down a few glasses of Exousia Luxury water. This high-grade H20 is infused with gold, which the company claims gives the beverage the ability to heal and cure what ails you. The only problem? A container costs a whopping 24 grand. If you buy a batch, please contact me and I would like to trade goods and services for just one sip. Just one sip!

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  1. Jeffrey Thompson

    Since gold is already an atomic element, which means that it can’t be mechanically or chemically reduced any further, it is impossible to derive anything from it, such as ‘anti-stress and anti-aging elements.’

    Anyone who spends $24,000 on a bottle of water does so to impress others with their conspicuous consumption, unless they’re dying of thirst. But if someone spends $24,000 on Exousia 24K gold mineral water because they believe the ad copy, they’re displaying something other than their conspicuous consumption–their ignorance of science facts taught in middle school.

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