Frevola presents their T7A Treadmill – Play Nintendo games while working out

frevola t7a treadmill

frevola t7a treadmill

Like working out? Like Nintendo? Then boy do we have the product for you. Selected as the VIP Asia 2010 – Product of the Year by Aving, the Frevola T7A treadmill not only gives you a supreme workout, it also keeps you entertained!

This treadmill has a host of features. It slows down and speeds up according to your built-in human tempo. It also features slots for media of all types, including music and movies. The top dog on the feature-front, however, is the touchscreen video game center. That’s right. Touchscreen. Get your Nintendo on in style. Other features include USB connectivity, built-in virtual trainer, gaming and workout program, stereo speaker, stereo headset and the optional Polar heart rate monitoring system.

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