Gary Neville designs £8 million luxury eco bunker – Reduce that carbon footprint in style

Gary Neville Home 1

Gary Neville Home 1

Wow. Soccer players are smart. Manchester United player Gary Neville is putting his eco-money where his eco-mouth is by helping to design this luxury ec0-bunker. Wait out the coming in apocalypse in style, and all without increasing your carbon footprint!

Neville teamed up with Make Architects to create this 8,000-sq-ft multi-million-pound luxury eco-bunker. It has been likened to a Neolithic settlement and will be built in the grounds of Gary Neville’s £8 million ($13m) estate in Lancashire.

The building will have solar panels, a ground source heat pump and a wind turbine. Energy produced from the wind turbine will power his neighboring property with extra energy being supplied to the national grid, helping to reduce his family’s carbon footprint. There’s one potential snag, however. The government has yet to approve the bunker.

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