Hugh Thomas’ Orbis shower features mood lighting and multiple spray outlets

orbis shower

orbis shower

You know what the best part of futuristic sci-fi movies are? Those showers they use to get rid of all the alien grime. Well folks, the future is here. Introducing the Orbis.

The Orbis shower module by Hugh Thomas is a finalist from the innovative product design competition. It really is something. It creates a 180-degrees spray from overhead, side and underneath spray units. There are six multichip LEDs positioned on the interior ceiling of the module to soothe your senses with the colorful mood lighting. Also, the LEDs are going to last over 100,000 hours so no worries on that front. You can even mount the entire unit on the wall for an extra futuristic look.

It’s just a design finalist for now, but who knows. Maybe one day we’ll all have our own Orbis.

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