Kohler’s Numi toilet is the high-tech loo of your dreams

kohler numi smart toilet

kohler numi smart toilet

The kingdom of high-tech toilets just may have a new ruler. Kohler’s just released Numi toilet system has bells and whistles to spare. What can this bad boy do? Well, for one it comes with a remote that lets you control the toilet from up to twenty feet away. This is perfect for you husbands out there who consistently forget to flush. You know who you are!

The Numi also features a full-color LCD touchscreen interface, built-in personalized bidet functionality and deodorizer, dual-flush technology with .6 and 1.28 gallons per flush, an integrated air dryer, lid that opens and closes automatically, built-in music system, MP3 player connection and FM radio, heated seat, foot warmer and illuminated panels.

All of this high-tech luxury comes at a cost, though. The Numi costs $6,400. It isn’t so bad when you consider how much time you spend in your bathroom. You ought to get out more.

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