Reduce that carbon footprint with this solar-powered electric lawnmower and garden cleaner

solar powered electric lawnmower

solar powered electric lawnmower

Whoever said it aint easy being green? This new solar-powered lawnmower and “garden cleaner” purports to make it easier than ever. It won the Red Dot Award in the Design Concept in 2009 so you know it means business. It’s one part electric lawnmower, and one part, well, something else. They call it a garden cleaner and that is the intended use. It works sort of like a home vacuum, sucking up unwanted weeds and soil and leaving everything nice and even so your basil or whatever can grow at a nice clip. The thing is also foldable and ridiculously easy to use. Gone are the days of sweaty men mowing your lawn for a measly five bucks.

Oh, and it was Kermit.

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