Video arcade putt-putt game lets you experience the joys of miniature golf from home

Video Arcade miniature golf game

Video Arcade miniature golf game

See if you can break par with this nifty virtual putt-putt machine. Designed by Hammacher Schlemmer, this arcade cabinet truly does bring the myth and majesty of miniature golf into your living room, or bedroom if you are weird. The unit uses real golf putters and real golf balls, but the courses are virtual. Once you hit the ball, the game accounts for speed and direction and that translates into a virtual ball on-screen. Like I said, nifty. The LCD display is a healthy 32 inches. The game allows for four players at once on two virtual courses, one set in Las Vegas and one on a tropical island. Don’t know why a skeezy New Jersey theme park didn’t make that cut.

The unit is available now for $6,900. Fore! Wait, you’d have to be really crazy to yell that during minigolf.

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