Arash Farboud readies his Arash AF-10 Supercar



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Let the hippies have their trees and planet Earth and all of that mumbo jumbo. The rest of us can join famed auto designer Arash Farboud in his upcoming Arash AF-10 Supercar. He’s been slaving away on this machine for some years now, and the proof is starting to enter the pudding. The Arash AF-10 is made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Carbon footprints be damned. Also, it features 7-liter, 550hp V8 engine based on the one found in the speedy Corvette Z06. Arash indicates they will only be making 70 of these bad boys every year, at a cost of more than a half million dollars. The AF-10 will be available next year. Hey now. Don’t whine. It’s already November.

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