Blue Space pedal-powered submarine



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 The Saint-Petersburg State Marine Engineering University has created the Blue Space pedal powered submarine for all to enjoy!  This exquisite toy has been in prototype since 2003 but is making a push for real investment partners to make this a reality.  The propulsion is based on two occupants and can generate a capacity of 0.4 – 0.8 kW.  This can convert to about two to four hours of  2 – 3 knots speed.  Similar systems require a hefty 2.5 – 5.0 kW to achieve similar results.  MIT uses a method called “Coanda effect,” which assumes that “if an air or water jet is blown out through a flat slot in tangential direction, this jet adheres to the surface on a comparatively large spacing from the slot. At the same time, rarefaction or thrust on the surface is generated.”  Human powered submarines are popular with the navy, but are now trying to break into personal vehicle space.  The first step to this progress is the relatively reasonable price point of $30k- $70k.  This is much less then the million dollar automatic subs available and may even been an attraction to wealthy people and resorts.  The cost of operation is much less then an automatic and is very maneuverable.  It can go backward forward and even rotate.  Preliminary market research is leaning toward roughly a million units sold worldwide.  MIT is hoping to make about 10,000 units a year with future models already in mind.  This concept is much like the Hoverwing Hovercraft and will spark a lot of interest.

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