Rockwell Collins integrates iPod usage as part of in-flight entertainment system



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Rockwell Collins has always been an innovator regarding in-flight entertainment, so this announcement comes as no surprise. The company has developed a system that will allow customers to access their iPods and similar devices via digital output devices located near every seat. Customers can listen to music and watch movies on a real screen instead of the small ones provided by the iPods. The digital outputs also function as a charger. Pretty cool. This new integration is available on Rockwell Collins’ Digital Total Entertainment System (dTES) and Enhanced Total Entertainment System (eTES) for twin aisle aircraft.

Tommy Dodson, vice president and general manager of Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins, said…

Our solution complements our dTES, and eTES systems by allowing passengers to take advantage of the systems’ superior display and audio capabilities, while allowing them to truly personalize their entertainment experiences while they fly.

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