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Setting up a killer home theater can be tough. In 2007 Epson came out with the Ensemble Home Cinema. In 2009 we are ready for the real HD experience. Enter the Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema, with the option of 2 different projectors. Your choices are the PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 or the super contrast ratio Home Cinema 6500UB. The PowerLite Home Cinema 6500UB has a wicked 75,000:1 contrast ratio. Both projectors are 3-LCD 1080p units. The other parts of this “ensemble” are a motorized 100-inch screen, integrated surround sound, an AV controller with two HDMI inputs, DVD player with iPod inputs, universal remote and other components needed for installation. Notably lacking here is a Blu-ray player. Pricing is listed at Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6100 for $6,499 and the Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6500 UB for $7,999.

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