Husqvarna Panthera Leo lawnmower concept



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Here is the catch 22, if you can afford this mover, you probably don’t mow your own lawn. But if you a planet lover with deep pockets you might be interested. The Husqvarna Panthera Leo lawnmower is not only made of recycled materials, its also a zero emissions device. This silent electric beast traverse your lawn with 3 suspended cutting decks. It is comprised of a hybrid of a Zero-Turn mower and a Ride on. The five electric motors can conquer the bumpy and uneven terrain with ease. Now here is the kicker, the on board computer makes recommendations of speed, hieght, cutting path, and also maintinecne. The tricked out mower used an array of sensors to make these determinations and also help to steer clear of obstacles. One charge lasts you 2 hours…. enjoy them wisely.

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