Introducing world’s biggest iPod speaker, “Wall of Sound”



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In addition to murdering ladies, Phil Spector was a respected songwriter and producer. He coined the phrase “wall of sound” to describe his effect of layering many instruments on top of one another. So it only makes sense that the world’s biggest iPod speaker would adopt the same moniker.

The “Wall of Sound” weighs a massive 225 pounds and stands one meter tall and 1.25 meters wide. The speaker can pump music as loud as 125 watts. That could make for some house party. The unit is completely handmade, and made up of 28 individual speakers that are each housed in a seperate chamber. The speaker also has a tube amp hidden inside to give music that extra “oomph.” It’s available now for $4,500. Let’s hope it doesn’t murder a lady in 40 years.

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