LuxurySteam Althase 165i Steam Shower



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Want to shower like royalty?  Check out the LuxurySteam Althase 165i Steam Shower.  This ultra-lux shower is constructed of high end glazed black glass and not of the commercial acrylic commonly used.  The design is both thorough and breath taking.  It has a magnetic latching door to keep you in a cocoon of warm steam and to also take advantage of a unique aromatherapy oil intake.  Of the luxury features included are: 8.4″ LCD TV, phone hookup, music/mp3 capability, and remote control.  You can enjoy all this pampering under the subtle glow of a florescent lighting system.  Safety is provided by a thermostatic valve to prevent overheating of the unit.  If you have the money, $3,635, and the room, 69 in / 51 in / 85 in, then your in for a real treat.

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