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Miscea has just introduced their new generation Sensor Activated Faucet / dispenser. The Sensor Activated Faucet gives you not only water but also soap and a choice of disinfectant/lotion without touching the faucet. The MISCEA is made of stainless steel and its elegant design is accentuated by the interactive user interface. The faucet’s head is made of laser engraved glass with LED lighting so when you point your hand to the control sensors, the indicated section will get activated. The MISCEA hi-tech faucet even allows for motion controlled adjustment of water temperature. All you have to do is just bring your hand next to the plus or minus and the temperature will change as indicated by the digital display.

The MISCEA is easy to install and it fits in any washbasin or kitchen environment. The system operates on 12 volt and does not require batteries reducing maintenance needs. The touch free interface allows the faucet to be both hygienic and convenient. The faucet is environment friendly and saves about 70% of water used each time you wash your hands.

The Miscea increases the ambiance in your kitchen or bathroom. The innovative use of light in the fitting’s head provides for a new experience in design and functionality. Touch free operation is not only easy but also keeps the environment cleaner. There is no need to keep separate containers for soap or detergent.

More details on the MISCEA SensorActivated Faucet can be found on the MISCEA Website.

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