Samsung Super Thin 40 inch Display measured at only 10 millimeters thick



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Samsung will unveil at FPD International 2007, in Yokohama, Japan a 40-inch (101.6cm) diagonal Full HD LCD TV panel measured at only 10 millimeters thick. This new display is expected to usher in the next wave of LCD large screen televisions.  With the same profile as 10 to 20 inch LCD desktop monitors, it’s bezel has been reduced from a conventional 30mm to 14.6mm. The flat panel uses an LED backlight, and reproduces 92 percent of the NTSC standard for color saturation. This awesome super thin Samsung tv also consumes low power rated at 90 watts or less. 

Samsung has also announced it will develop a 46-inch model, with a brightness level of 1,500 nits, triple that delivered by LCD panels designed for TV viewing today. The higher brightness level, the easier the display can be seen in public places, where sunlight and fog can often interfere with visibility. The 46-inch model features a bezel no more than 10 millimeters thick!

Super Thin 46 inch Samsung

Samsung also will show off its new 22 inch desktop monitor LCD panel which features a next-generation Display Port interface. The display port interface has been approved by the Video Electronics Standards Association and enhances the use of high-quality graphics (8 bits or higher).
We can’t wait to get our hand on one of these super thin Samsungs.

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