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Seura TV Mirrors

Seura has come up with the greatest bathroom accessory!  Nothing beats watching the morning news while shaving, especially when its in HD!  These are ultra thin embedded LCD screen right in the mirror.  The LCDs are 1 3/4 inches thick, are 16:9 widescreen, 1080i resolution, analog and digital tuner equipped, HDMI enabled, with both PC and RS232 connections.   Intelligently, they come with water proof remotes.  The One model has a 19 inch screen, while the Discreet model has a 10 inch screen.  Both of these are part of Seura’s Color Lumination Collection.

This a collection of designer illuminated mirror styles and offers 12 style options to incorporate high design. With the incorporation of energy-efficient LED lights, users enjoy a rotating rainbow or freeze to their favorite shade. The latest in the new line-up are the Aeon, Halo, Jaxon, Tron and the new Big Talker series.

Finally, the special edition Moda frame offers a variety of framing options for Seura’s Television Mirrors and Lumination Collection. The richness of exclusive finishes, such as exotic Bamboo, Maple Espresso, Black-Stained Maple and Pure White exemplifies distinctive design. The Moda is available for a limited time.

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