Solar-powered iPod dock helps reduce carbon footprints



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File this under green: San Francisco consumer electronics start-up Regen have tapped into our collective fears of destroying the planet by creating “Reverb,” a solar-powered iPod dock. The unit can provide 12 hours of music with just one charge, which is provided by laying it out in the sun for 20 hours. The dock only lasts 4.5 hours when pumped to maximum volume. Keep that in mind when you are having guests over, or trying to cover up something unseemly.

This aesthetically pleasing 35-inch tower sports a backlit LCD display, and an integrated photovoltaic panel that borrows power from our massive sun. The unit allows for electric usage as well, clocking in at around 60 watts. Reverb will set you back $2,299, which is a lot of electric bills. Interested parties should check Regen’s site.

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