Acousticom will debut Sound Egg Chair at CES 2010



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Do you like sitting in chairs? Do you like sound? Of course you do! So why not combine the two with Acousticom’s forthcoming Sound Egg chair. It’s a chair designed to deliver the highest fidelity sounds right to your ear drums. Also, it looks really cool in a “1960s vision of the future” kind of way.

The company will formally unveil the chair at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in January. The, um, musical chair boasts  a 5.1 surround sound system with full 20 Hz – 20 kHz response, and a 10″ subwoofer underneath the seat. The chair can be configured to stereo, gaming or computing. It’s going to be in a wide variety of colors and retail for a surprisingly affordable $1,450.

Also, with that subwoofer under the seat are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right. Throw on something bassy and get a leg massage.

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