Swarovski continues world domination with studded Zakk Wylde Gibson guitar



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Oh Swarovski. You multiply faster than Gremlins after midnight. This time on a guitar! But not just any guitar, a Gibson Bulls Eye. And not just any Gibson Bulls Eye, but a Zakk Wylde branded edition. Got all that?

To be fair, it’s not all Swarovski. There be gold gems on that thar guitar as well. Commissioned by an anonymous Monaco-based British celebrity, this limited edition Gibson guitar is encrusted with 4,000 individual Swarovski crystals – each measuring exactly 4mm in diameter and covered in 24-carat gold. Kim Webber and Gold2u worked in tandem to design this beast. The strings are also 24 carat gold and imported from Germany. And, that’s not all. 24 carat gold frets! Wow. I’m going to stop now before I also turn into gold. Is this guitar King Midas? Spend $24,200 and find out.

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