Fender Stratocaster guitar dipped in 24K gold



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Reports indicate that a “mysterious British celebrity” has commissioned to have their Fender Stratocaster electric guitar gold-plated. Details on who ordered the gold dipping are scant, but we at Techcraving are gonna go with Patrick Stewart. It’s just like Captain Picard to demand the best in life by dipping a guitar in pure 24K gold.

British luthier Kim Webber fielded the task of disassembling and reassembling the prized music maker.

“This guitar has generated, without doubt, more interest than anything I have created so far” he said.

However, he admits it has one fatal flaw.

“”It’s not the best sounding ever.”

Reps from Guitarist Magazine echo that sentiment but also note that it’s the first time they had seen anything like it.

“It’s certainly a unique look, but we’re not sure we’d trust ourselves to gig it.” They said. Bad news for those expecting Patrick Stewart to form a band.

Via: BBC.

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