Japan Brand caters to wealthy with world’s first lacquered chess set

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At one point in history, chess was the epitome of high tech gaming. This was, of course, before Swarovski-enameled PS3’s and the sort. Well maybe it’s time to freshen up your knight moves: Introducing the snazzy lacquered chess set by company Japan Brand and designer Alexander Gelman. The first of it’s kind, the chess sets are created in four different types of Japanese craftsmanship: fuki-urushi, or wood lacquering; makie, or gold lacquering; platinum lacquering through haku or leaves; and kutani, which is hand-decorated ceramic pieces with intricate textures and patterns. Long story short, this is going to be quite the dinner party conversation piece. Oh yeah. You can also play the game with it. They range in price from $80,000 to $123,600 depending on the craftmanship.

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