Napoleon releases limited edition Swarovski-studded fireplace – LHD50SS

Napoleon LHD50SS fireplace Swarovski

Napoleon LHD50SS fireplace Swarovski

Yes. We’ve all seen fireplaces. They keep us warm with their eternal glow. However, they don’t always glimmer. This one, however, does. Napoleon has released the limited edition LHD50SS fireplace. The rare fire maker comes studded with an array of Swarovski crystals, the new “it” gem. Available in a one-sided or two-sided unit, the LHD50SS direct vent fireplace comes with a unique necklace tray design that helps keep the crystals in an ideal display arrangement.

It’s not all crystals all. It’s also state of the art fireplace. There’s a modulating thermostatic hand-held remote to control the flame, ignite the fire or adjust the temperature with the utmost ease. The limited edition series comes complete with a certificate of authenticity. Available in white, pewter and black finishes, the dazzling LHD50SS fireplace comes for a warm $13,000.

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